Tuesday, February 14, 2006

HTML Comments Tags 301

You can use some HTML tags in your comments. What you need to do is enclose the words you'd like to see italicized or displayed in a bold typeface within the brackets. These are tags that invariably work. For example, I've typed in the words italics and bold in the below examples. Type in the code before and after the words you want to emphasize. All the necessary keys are on all modern keyboards. Try it; you'll like it.


As an extra bonus, here's a simple text-linking anchor tag that works in Weber County Forum comments, for those of you who would like to link your favorite web articles and websites:

<a href="Target Web URL">Your Text Here</a>

All you need to do is erase the words Target Web URL and copy, paste or type your intended web link. Where it says Your Text Here, substitute your own text or title, for the words you'd like to display.

Voila! You've created a text-anchored hyperlink like this: Your Text Here . This one links to the Weber County Forum homepage, i.e., http://wcforum.blogspot.com/

I didn't say it would be easy to learn the rudiments of html code. It's fairly simple though, once you've tried it.

Try it; you'll like it.

And so will your humble Weber County Forum blogmeister.

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